Basic English Course

John F Kennedy Education Centre offers English courses which are designed to develop the student’s language skills using social, professional and interpersonal situations that mirror real-life experiences. Over time, this will enable adult learners to communicate in the English language.

The Basic English Literacy (English, Language of Instruction) is part of the Common Core Basic Education Program for adult learners.


3 ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS; no photocopies accepted. 

All 3 documents are mandatory along with the fee on the day of registration.

1. VALID Medicare Card (not expired)

2. Passport (Canadian or from your country)

3. ONE of the following legal documents below:

✓   If you were born in Quebec, the LONG form birth certificate
   If you were born in another province, the birth certificate issued by the province
   If you were born outside Canada, ONE of the following documents:

   Canadian Citizenship card or Canadian Certificate
■   VALID Permanent Resident card (not expired)
   VALID Confirmation of Permanent Residency
(IMM5292, IMM5688, IMM1000) (not expired)
   VALID Certificat de selection du Quebec
(CSQ) category RA or RS (not expired)

*Secondary School diploma (SSD) or credits in a SSD are not admissible 

Academic Course

Education is a life-long process. With this in mind, John F Kennedy Education Centre offers a full range of academic programs for students looking to complete their secondary school or complete pre-requisites for CEGEP

Secondary academic courses are part of the Diversified Basic Education (DBE) program for adult learners.


Academic Courses Registration for the following:

✓    For students NEW to the Centre.

✓    For students who are not currently taking course(s) at the Centre this Winter.

  A placement test is mandatory in the following situations:

✓     Students who do not have a MELS transcript from an English or French high school in Quebec.

✓     Students who have been out of school for more than 5 years and/or have not completed their

Quebec high school.

✓    Students who have studied outside of Quebec but within Canada may need placement testing.

A brief interview with an Academic Counsellor is required before placement testing. You are required to reserve a place for a Placement Test by booking online.

Academic Courses


Returning Students Only
Registration Dates: 📅 August 10,11,12

(New Students)

Students who have never studied at JFKAEC
Registration Dates: 📅 August 12, 19 & 24
Placement Test: 📅 August 9 &16